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Upcoming funding opportunities for innovative Life Sciences & Health

The coming months several funding opportunities opened and deadlines are coming up. In this article we focus on: United Kingdom-Germany bilateral, KWF Development, Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) and Innosuisse: Start-up Innovation project.

UK-Germany bilateral: collaborative research and development round two

Enhancing UK and German collaborations and capabilities in the emerging fields of technology in society. The result being, the developing and delivering of new innovations and applications of the technologies across a broad range of other sectors. The activities supported are fundamental research, feasibility studies, industrial research, experimental development.

logo ZIM (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand)
Funding opportunities at Innovate UK
Funding per project£750,000 (UK)
Co-financing40% for medium organisation / 30% for small or micro organisation
Project partners requiredGerman and UK SME’s
Application periodDecember 6th , 2023 
Duration of eligible project18 to 36 Months

The project should demonstrate a balanced technological contribution by the participants from both countries and must be equally significant to all participants. In a project with two

cooperating partners, no partner may contribute more than 70% of total person months to the project. In a project with more than two cooperating partners, no partner may contribute more than 50% of total person months. All research organisations involved in the consortium may altogether not contribute more than 50% of the total person months.

German applicants define contribution to the project in person months, rather than monetary costs which is supported by the ZIM programme.

More information about the collaborative UK/DE call

KWF – Kankerbestrijding: 2024-2 Development call

This regular call of the Research & Implementation Program is intended for funding applications within the research phases Creation of modality , Preclinical research , Clinical research and Implementation research. Supported activities are creation of modality, preclinical research, clinical research, Implementation research.

Logo KWF

Project funding typically ranges between €500,000 and € 1.500.000, although there is threshold. Research organisation leading the consortium do not require cofunding. SME’s are eligible to join the consortium.

Funding per projectTypically between €500,000 and € 1.500.000
Project partners requiredResearch organisation in the lead. Consortium not required but eligible
Application periodNovember 7th , 2023 
Duration of eligible projectUp to 4 years

More information about the KWF Development call

Innovative Health Initiative (IHI)

IHI calls for proposals represent an opportunity for organisations involved in health research and healthcare to form consortia and apply to be part of cross-sector partnerships that bring together a range of stakeholders to tackle some of the biggest challenges in health research today.

Horizon Europe Innovative health Initiative (IHI)

1. IHI – call 4 (two stage application)

Deadline for short proposals: 8 November 2023
Full proposal submission deadline: 23 April 2024

Here you can read several topics for this call:

Minimum conditions:

  • Only RIA: At least 3 independent legal entities established in a different Member State or Associated Country
  • IMPORTANT! 1 legal entity should be established in a Member State
  • Page limit: 20 pages for Short Proposal
  • First ranked applicant consortium will be invited to prepare and submit a ‘full proposal (FP)’ for the stage 2 evaluation together with the ‘pre-identified industry consortium.’
  • Budgets starting at 4.5M.

Two-Stage Calls: Private members and Contributing Partners 

  • Pre-identified – responsible for the 45% in-kind contribution
  • Main drivers of the topic definition
  • Identify their in-kind contributions through expertise and assets 
  • Listed in the topic text (overall contribution and not per partner) 
  • Not eligible for funding

2. IHI call 5 Single stage RIA application

Deadline January 16, 2024.

Read more about the topics

Eligibility and requirements are similar to IHI call 4.

Innosuisse: Start-up Innovation project

Innosuisse supports science-based projects of start-ups with significant innovation potential. These innovation projects must be based on application-oriented research and prepare start-ups for entering the market for the first time. In the case of projects, only the start-up is supported. No research partners are supported.

  • Funding is available for projects in all subject areas.
  • Short application can be submitted any time
  • Upcoming deadline for full application is expected mid-January 2024.
  •  Indicative budget €2-5M
  • 30% co-financing

Find more information on the website of Innosuisse.

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