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Strategic support for small and medium sized companies in Europe
to overcome the R&D financing challenges

From innovative start-ups to mature organizations, we support innovators across all stages of growth and throughout the product development chain. FFUND is specialized in the Life Science, MedTech and Health to increase the number of successful exits and products on the market for societal health and millions of patients. We do this by supporting our clients in planning and securing the complex financing mix from company start to exit, and from early development to product on the market.

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Setting your course for effective growth in the complex Life Sciences landscape

The basis for effective growth in any sector, but especially in the Life Sciences, is to understand your position in the complex landscape of customers, partners and competitors. A thorough understanding of your company’s and your technology’s position is key to reaching the impact you aim for.

We draw from our well-established methods for market landscaping, competitor identification and Key Opinion Leader analyses to assist you in setting the course for growth and staying on track for success. Together we gain insight into your specific innovation drivers and barriers, patient needs and business development strategies.

Feasibility study
  • Business feasibility analysis, and focus areas for company and product development
  • Tailored feasibility studies for Horizon2020 SME Instrument phase 1 & 2
  • Quarterly market analysis report updates, including a dashboard with the latest developments in your scientific and/or commercial field
Market analysis

Describing your scientific and/or commercial area, including current state of the art, areas of opportunity, key players in the field, and potential licensing partners. Market analysis reports contain a combination of the following components:

  • Current (scientific) literature overview
  • Patent landscape
  • Clinical trial landscape
  • Current technical state of the art
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Strategic focus and business opportunities

Fueling your R&D projects with a mix of non-dilutive and dilutive funding

The funding for growth in the Life Sciences comes from a complex mix of equity investments and non-dilutive funding instruments. We know which funding instruments and strategies are best fitted for each development step. Based on your product development needs and vision for the future, together we will determine the most appropriate funding strategy for your company, now, the coming year and in the future.

Scout funding opportunities
Establish a strategic financing plan
Write high-quality funding proposals
Design investment propositions

Guiding you along your path to success

In the Life Sciences, the road from bench to bedside is full of risks and uncertainties. We offer a range of consultancy services to ensure you are up to the challenge, at any stage of growth.

Business planning
Intellectual property (IP) management
Partnership and Network expansion
Business management coaching

At the heart of Life Sciences innovation

We operate at the heart of a vast network of Life Sciences organizations, ranging from top-tier academic medical institutions, to innovative biotechs, health funds, and established industry players. We build and connect the innovation ecosystem to create increasing success in Europe by identifying and seizing opportunities for synergies and stakeholder value creation.


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