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€1.4M Innovation credit for a platform to develop immunotherapy for celiac disease and type 1 diabetes (GlycoDCTM)

Congratulations to DC4U, which has been awarded an innovation credit of €1.4M to further develop their GlycoDCTM platform!

Innovation credit

Innovation credit is provided by the Dutch government to Dutch innovative SMEs to help them financing their final product development steps.

About DC4U

DC4U is led by the experienced serial biotech entrepreneur Henk Viëtor, and the Spinoza Award laureate Prof. Yvette van Kooyk. The company develops drug treatments for autoimmune diseases to change the lives of the millions of patients suffering from these diseases. For this purpose, the company also collaborates with key opinion leaders in the field of type 1 diabetes and celiac disease.

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What is the project about?

DC4U’s technology platform GlycoDCTM uses glycans coupled to disease causing antigens to induce lasting immune tolerance. These constructs aim to re-educate and reprogram the immune system via specific targeting of dendritic cells. The GlycoDCTM platform will provide a cure for patients suffering from autoimmune diseases that are currently hard to treat. Although DC4U will first provide treatment for celiac disease and type 1 diabetes patients with GlycoDCTM, the platform can be used for many more autoimmune diseases.

How did FFUND help?


Henk Viëtor, CEO of DC4U: “FFUND helped us with the application process for the innovation credit, which is a complex process that requires several adjustments. The team was very professional and extremely flexible, something that is needed for this type of application. Although we encountered several very complicated challenges, FFUND was able to find solutions every time and delivered excellent documentation. We enjoyed the process getting there and had a lot of fun working with FFUND.”

“I am one of the original founders of FFUND, but for this project made use of the companies services as a client to get independent advice from FFUND advisors and the leadership of the project by Kim to help get DC4U financed.”

Kim Jeucken, team manager Strategic Venture Financing: “The collaboration with the DC4U team was pleasant and efficient. It was nice to see how quickly the team switched between the different areas of expertise. I experienced the cooperation between DC4U, FFUND and RvO as pleasant, and although sometimes the timelines were short, there was never any stress because communication was clear and efficient.”

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