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Looking to the Horizon: five tips and tricks for an effective proposal

As the deadlines for several Horizon Europe grant applications from the European commission are coming up, it is about time to start writing a convincing proposal for your project. Are you still searching a sense of direction and inspiration? Here are some helpful pointers to keep in mind before you get to it. 

1. Preparation

Before diving into writing your proposal, thoroughly read the proposal template provided. Pay special attention to the call requirements and the expected impact, and make sure to address each of them. If applicable, attend any offered webinars or workshops. Lastly, consult with your National Contact Point (NCP) for additional guidance. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) in the Netherlands has an annotated guide to help you get started.

2. Writing style

Opt for a clear and concise writing style. Organize your proposal for vertical reading by using clear headers and bullet points over a solid wall of text. Utilize tables and figures to present complex information effectively. Make it easy for the reviewers to navigate your proposal instead of forcing them to hunt for the key points.

3. Budget

Familiarize yourself with the lump sum budget format, which is now the norm for Horizon projects. Check out the Horizon website for detailed instructions, and attend webinars explaining the format. Pay close attention to eligible and ineligible costs to ensure accuracy.

4. Be quantitative

Incorporate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) wherever possible to make your project tangible. KPIs serve to quantify your objectives, explain your work package activities, make your milestones verifiable, demonstrate the expected impact, and make your communication and dissemination efforts clear. Provide specific details to substantiate every claim you make in your proposal.

5. AI integration

If your project involves artificial intelligence, make sure you provide sufficient details about it. Mention under which algorithm group it falls (Bayesian, deep learning, neural networks, regression, etc.), the learning method (supervised, unsupervised or reinforced leaning), and assess its robustness and trustworthiness. Ensure thorough coverage of AI-related aspects to enhance the credibility of your proposal.

2024 Deadlines for Innovative Grant Applications

The deadlines for innovative research grant-applications European commission are coming up. Find below an overview of the relevant funding options for projects focusing on Life sciences and health within the expertise of FFUND.

  • Horizon Europe – Cluster 2 Health
  • EU4Health 2024 action grants


 DeadlineCall topicProject TypeBudget More information
Horizon Europe Health Cluster25-9-2024European Partnership: One Health Anti-Microbial ResistanceHorizon Europe1 project of ~100M

EU4Health Action Grants 2024

More information:

Call publicationWorkCall topicBudget
Program(M EUR)
Q2CancerRadiation safety and quality of CT imaging of children and young adults3
Q3EU Network of Youth Cancer Survivors5
Q4Personalized Cancer Medicine3
Q2Support the establishment of new networks of expertise on cancer and cancer conditions networks.1
Q2-3Crisis PreparednessNext-generation respiratory Protection (HERA)20
Q3Disease PreventionHealth promotion and prevention of non-communicable diseases, including vaccine preventable cancers and other cancers caused by infections, and smoke- an aerosol-free environments.4
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