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Our vision on successful fundraising in life sciences

Coming from the life sciences industry ourselves, at FFUND we understand the challenges that scientists and entrepreneurs face in making their innovative ideas successful in the health sector. In many cases, fundraising is the biggest challenge of the entire product development process. In our vision paper we explain how the FFUND-team helps innovative projects and companies to successfully secure an optimal blend of financing to accelerate the realization of innovations for the life sciences field.

FFUND’s hands-on support

FFUND support innovators by providing hands-on financial, business, and fundraising support. Our team consists of entrepreneurs, scientists, and business consultants who have joined forces to develop specialized services that are optimally aligned with what the field needs to accelerate the time-to-money and bring successful products to the healthcare system. Scientific research, launching start-ups, business development, securing funding, and closing licensing and exit deals have all been part of our own journey.

FFUND’s working method

FFUND’s working method is based on knowledge sharing and hands-on support to secure funding and steer companies toward exit and license deals with solid company valuations. In addition, we regularly share free publications on best practices and key insights for successful fundraising. We are fully dedicated to help innovators to find and secure a solid financing strategy of equity, grants, loans and tax rebates, to enable them to build a healthy company and bring new innovations to the market.

FFUND’s services

FFUND offers a variety of services designed to support directors of innovative companies, R&D driven start-ups, and projects in creating a sound financing strategy, raising funds, and successfully bringing their products to the market. Our services are divided into three key fundraising areas of expertise that work closely together: Venture Finance Services, Grants & Loans, and Project Management. Each of our services is delivered by a dedicated team of experts. They are fully equipped to fast-track business propositions for science-based innovations that can make it as actual products in the healthcare system and benefit society.

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