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Five tips and tricks for a successful Eurostars application

14 MarchEurostars call for projects 

Eurostars is an international funding program co-financed by the European Union through Horizon Europe. It aims to boost innovation of SMEs throughout Europe, establish collaborations between EU countries, and build consortiums to bring unique products to the market. So how to get funding from this program? Here are five key tips and tricks to help you submit a successful Eurostars grant proposal:

1. Start early

One of the most critical factors for a successful Eurostars application is timely preparation. Beginning well in advance of the submission deadline leaves sufficient time for a comprehensive approach, including consortium building, strategy development, and proposal writing.

2. Know the Eureka Eurostars guidelines (for each participant country)

Understanding and complying with the Eureka guidelines is of utmost importance. These guidelines outline the eligibility and evaluation criteria, budget allowance, and requirements for the application process. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines early on to ensure that your proposal and consortium meet all the necessary criteria – thus enhancing your chances of success.

3.Build an effective consortium

A consortium with the right blend of complementary expertise is vital for a successful Eurostars project. Ideally, your proposal includes at least three partners from across Europe that each bring unique skills, knowledge, and resources to the table. Look beyond the obvious choices to foster diversity and innovation within your consortium. Make sure that each consortium partner fully understands their role(s), responsibilities, and commitment required for a successful partnership.

4. Get your company financials in order

Financial eligibility is the first criterium when applying for Eurostars funding. Before initiating the application process, ensure that financial statements, budget, and projections are accurate for each consortium partner. Organize these documents meticulously, as they are crucial for assessing the feasibility and viability of your project. Unsure if you are eligible financially? Use the Eureka assessment tool or contact your national funding body to discuss your eligibility and for more funding information.

5. Don’t work directly in the platform

The platform provides text boxes to fill in. Tempting as it may be to write directly into these text boxes – don’t! If you forget to save or validate your work or the platform closes, all your efforts will be for nothing. Save yourself from this frustration by working in a separate file that you can save, edit and share (with consortium partners). Ready to submit? Copy and paste the texts in the boxes.

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