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EIC accelerator grant of €2.5M assigned to interventional workflow in cardiology and oncology

FFUND is excited to have helped Nano4Imaging with receiving funding from the EIC accelerator for the development of their TRACKR platform.

About Nano4Imaging

Nano4Imaging aims to disrupt current workflow in hospitals where cath-lab based procedures are mostly used for interventions in cardiology and oncology. By enabling a transition to MRI based procedures with no radiation exposure and toxic contrast agents, Nano4Imaging envisions to transform the interventional workflows in multiple indications. Offering a solution that benefits both patients and medical staff.

What is the product about?

Nano4Imaging has been awarded an EIC accelerator grant to develop and validate a trinity of key enabling tools to support this transition of hospital’s interventional workflows. The funding will be used for the development of the TRACKR platform: marker technology, scalable coating workflows to make interventional devices MR visible and tracking software for AI augmented real-time support during interventional procedures.

MR based interventional radiology is an emerging field with strong clinical support. The success of this project will enable large scale clinical application of radiation free interventional procedures.

CTO, co-founder Nano4Imaging GmbH

Paul Borm, CTO, co-founder Nano4Imaging GmbH: “With this €2.5 M grant and co-financing we can bring to life our vision to move a major part of cathlab procedures into the MRI suite using our trinity of marker technology, MRI safe devices, and new TRACKR software based on AI augmented real-time support during the clinical workflow.”

How did FFUND help?

Digvijay Gahtory, Project Manager: “FFUND played a vital part in shaping the technological story and strategy for Nano4Imaging. Additionally, we shared our expertise to build a solid business case for a winnable EIC Accelerator project. However, thanks to a very collaborative effort between the Nano4Imaging team and the FFUND consultants, we overcame initial challenges to deliver a successful project.”

CEO/CFO, co-founder Nano4Imaging

Rudolf Schulze Vohren, CEO/CFO, co-founder Nano4Imaging GmbH: “What stood out most during our collaboration with FFUND was the involvement of a dedicated project manager who helped depict our vision and discuss our business models. Our ultimate dream is to have a sustainable company with dedicated professionals who live and apply our vision of radiation-free interventions to create a safer medical world.”

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