First-hand experience

For our consultancy, we draw from our academic work on innovation as well as extensive business experience in the Life Sciences, providing you an evidence-based approach to innovation that allows you to help secure the future. The team of FFUND has more than 30 years of successful experience in (non-)dilutive funding.


judith 350x250 100 dpi

Judith Smit PhDManaging Partner

chris 15x15 def

Chris Koehler MScManaging Partner

henk 350x250 100 dpi

Henk Viëtor MD PhDPartner


Prof. Eric Claassen PhDPartner

The team

maurits 350x250 100 dpi

Maurits van den Nieuwboer PhDStrategy Manager

Digvijay Gahtori

Digvijay Gahtory PhDStrategy Manager


Thom Frielink MScStrategy Manager

Eline Peeters

Eline Peeters MScManager

Lorina 15x15 300 dpi

Lorina Gjonaj PhDSenior Consultant

Max 15x15 300 dpi

Max Renes MScSenior Consultant

ignis 15x15 300 dpi

Ignis Trollmann MScSenior Consultant


Katja Jansen PhDConsultant - Project Lead

Tessa 15x15 300 dpi

Tessa van der Erve MScConsultant

Victor 15x15 300 dpi

Victor Bakker MScConsultant

Maarten 15x15 300 dpi

Maarten Korving MScConsultant

fabiola 15x15 def

Fabiola Peña Morcom MScConsultant


Andres Hueso Cuervo MScTrainee

Jens 2

Jens Lenferink MScTrainee


Lisette Faber MScIntern

Biotech business experts

antonio 15x15 300 dpi

António Ornelas-Suares MScBiotech Expert and Entrepreneur / Business Coach

linda 350x250 100 dpi

Linda van de Burgwal PhDHealth & Life Science business advisor

Office support

Jolanda 15x15 300 dpi

Jolanda SchalkwijkManagement assistant & office manager

External advisors

Arjan Bisseling

Arjan BisselingTax Advisor | CCOUNT B.V.

christiaan 350x250 100 dpi

Christiaan NederhofAccountancy & Compliance Advisor | CCOUNT B.V.

Pieter Asjes

Pieter AsjesTax Advisor | CCOUNT B.V.

Bart Bergstein

Bart BergsteinVenture Capital Advisor

Carine van den Brink

Carine van den BrinkLegal Advisor | Axon Lawyers

Marcel Fruytier

Marcel FruytierLegal Advisor | Fruytier Lawyers in Business

Winand Habets

Winand HabetsIntellectual Property Advisor