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€500,000 of VLAIO funding for a software suite that uses machine learning to discover antibodies (AbSuite)

FFUND congratulates BISC Global on its development of AbSuite, which has been awarded a VLAIO grant of €500,000!

BISC Global

BISC Global was founded by an experienced team of bioinformaticians, statisticians, and business leaders with the goal of helping its customers to overcome challenges in data analysis, pipeline automation, visualization, and computing environments. Over the past few years, the company has grown to become one of the world’s premier consulting companies in bioinformatics, statistics, and ML/AI.

Absuite Bisc global

What is the project about?

During this VLAIO development project, BISC aims to develop AbSuite, a complete software suite of machine learning applications for in silico discovery and development of monoclonal antibodies. AbSuite will function in all stages of antibody discovery and design, accelerating the preclinical development of antibodies by guaranteeing a lower failure rate in the development phase.

AbSuite will be a huge asset for antibody developers, including global pharmaceutical companies and biotech/biopharma companies active in the field of therapeutic monoclonal antibody development. It will not only reduce the failure rate in antibody development, but also the time to the clinic. The software suite will also be a valuable asset to academic research labs working on antibody therapies, making their workflow effective and cost-efficient.

How did FFUND help?

Maarten Braspenning, CEO of BISC Global

Maarten Braspenning, CEO of BISC Global: “FFUND helped us to compose our successful application using its scientific and business expertise, its know-how in writing captivating applications, and by helping to coordinate our internal writing efforts.”

“We aim to increase the success levels and speed of our customers’ antibody discovery pipelines and to support them throughout the entire process from discovery to development.”

Isabella Zampeta, team manager Grants & Loans says: “It was a pleasure working together with BISC Global. Maarten and his team had a clear vision for the project, which together we translated into a winning VLAIO application”

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Isabella Zampeta

Isabella Zampeta