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Three extraordinary developments in the digital health space

Did you know which super things are happening in the e-health field!?

Dubai’s governmental strategy is to become the world’s metaverse hub. In line with this strategy, Medcare, one of the largest healthcare providers chains in Dubai and Sharjah, partnered with BIOMETAVERSE, becoming the first medical facility in the metaverse. Medcare will use the metaverse in their medical tourism initiatives, giving potential patients a chance to have an Immersive visual experience of the hospital facility, allowing for trust and transparency.  

Today, 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility, and the treatment options are expensive. A single in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle in the U.S. costs around $12,000, and that price can rise to $25,000 with medication. Alife launched new artificial intelligence software to help fertility clinics optimize and support clinical decision-making during critical stages of the IVF process, enhancing outcomes and lowering costs.  

Informed consent is essential for patient safety, ethical research conduct, and regulatory compliance. It involves a rigorous, time-consuming, and expensive procedure that often proves to be a bottleneck in clinical trial execution. This has driven the need for electronic Consent (‘eConsent’) applications that enable the collection of informed consent through the participant’s own mobile device while providing researchers with real-time access to informed consent forms (ICFs) as they come in. These eConsent applications provide significant benefits over conventional paper-based procedures where participants are required to travel to the research site and sign the ICF with a wet ink signature. 

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