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€2.3 million innovation credit for open heart surgery system ELANA®

FFUND is proud to have assisted AMT Medical getting awarded a €2.3 million innovation credit for their highly innovative open heart surgery system ELANA®.

Innovation credit

Innovation credit is provided by the Dutch government to Dutch innovative SMEs to help them financing their final product development steps.

About AMT Medical

AMT Medical is a clinical-stage medical device company developing a highly innovative and unique heart bypass system. The team around CEO Rutger Tulleken has one mission: to banish open-heart bypass surgery from the world.

What is the product about?

Bypass surgeries traditionally involve fully opening the patient’s chest, stopping the heart, and connecting the patient to a heart-lung machine that temporarily takes over the work of these organs. By streamlining the surgical procedure, AMT Medical’s ELANA® heart bypass system eliminates the need to rely on this machine.

How did FFUND help?

Rutger Tulleken, CEO AMT Medical
Rutger Tulleken, CEO AMT Medical

CEO Rutger Tulleken: “Thanks to the assistance from FFUND that helped us getting awarded the innovation credit, AMT Medical has the financial means to conduct clinical trials to reach CE-marking in Europe and FDA clearance in the US with as intended use off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting.”

“Each year, a million patients need a bypass operation, which is highly invasive and difficult to perform. Many cardiac surgeons are following us closely because they wish for a safe and fast technology to stop the use of heart-lung machines. We will make it happen!”

Katja Jansen, senior consultant FFUND: “Empowered by cutting-edge technology and a talented team, AMT Medical is set to transform bypass surgeries. The team is focused on making impact and shows an exceptional drive in progressing through the clinical stages. It’s good that funding bodies recognize their potential, providing essential support for advancing healthcare.”

FFUND helped AMT Medical also with funding an EIC grant.

Read more in the article about the highlights & lessons learned of AMT Medical.

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