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The development of PTI5803 treating a drug-resistant epilepsy receives a €2.5M EIC Accelerator grant!

FFUND is proud to have helped Panntherapi get awarded €2.5M EIC funding for the treatment of pediatric epilepsy!


Panntherapi is an award-winning French pharma company dedicated to developing drugs for treating brain and nervous diseases. The company uses disruptive processes to discover novel targets and to screen innovative drugs.

What is the product about?

The first disease targeted is drug-resistant pediatric epilepsy, a disease with profound consequences for affected children and their families. Especially in childhood, seizure onset can compromise the child’s development and cause lifelong disability and dependency. Currently, available anti-epileptic drugs act on non-specific targets by reducing seizures through generally lowered brain function, and use is often limited by adverse drug events or the development of resistance. In some syndromes of epilepsy, current drugs are effective in less than 30% of patients.

With the awarded EIC Accelerator project, Panntherapi will clinically test and commercialize a highly promising drug candidate for the treatment of drug-resistant children with epilepsy. Through specific blockage of the only recently discovered Panx1 channel, it specifically acts on seizure onset without affecting basal neuronal activity, making it a safe and effective chronic treatment option.

How did FFUND help?

Elsa Brillaud, Panntherapi about how FFUND contributed to the application of the EIC grant

Elsa Brillaud, co-founder and General Manager at Panntherapi: FFUND’s team gave a great support throughout the application. We benefited from the knowledge of a high qualified team for science, technical aspects and business cases. It was pleasure to work with Katja Jansen who perfectly understood our needs and managed the full process in a highly efficient way. The EIC Accelerator project is a real label of excellence for Panntherapi, demonstrating the interest of our technology and giving more chance for patient to obtain a treatment faster. FFUND helped to demonstrate the interest of our work to Europe, contributing fully to our success.

FFUND project lead Katja Jansen about the project: “Working with Panntherapi was a real pleasure and great learning experience. The team is very experienced and knows exactly what it takes to bring this promising drug to the market. And Elsa Brillaud, general manager of Panntherapi, is an inspiring scientist and businesswoman.”

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Katja Jansen