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EIC Accelerator success for our customers

The EIC Accelerator has been released. The European Commission’s EIC Accelerator program grants € 2.5m in subsidy and up to € 17.5m in equity financing to innovative companies. In the first of three cut-offs this year (March 2022), over one thousand high-potential start-ups and scale-ups were selected from those that applied for funding and investment.

We are happy to announce that five Dutch companies have received grants following the cut-off. Two of the three companies in the (bio)medical field are the result of a partnership with FFUND:

Atro Medical and AMTMedical. 

Atro Medical, founded in 2016, develops Trammpolin; the first anatomical meniscus prostheses for patients with chronic knee pain. The European Commission has awarded a € 2.5 million subsidy for the accelerated development of the artificial meniscus. The grant will be spent on accelerating preclinical testing of prostheses and on international clinical studies. 

AMTmedical develops medical devices, including an innovative heart bypass system. Millions of patients per year undergo intrusive heart surgery that includes risks of complications and intensive rehabilitation. AMTmedical has developed the Elena heart bypass, which allows bypass surgery on the beating heart through small holes in the chest. Since open surgery is no longer necessary, the patient only needs to allow the small incisions to heal during a short recovery time. It also means less chance of infections or internal bleeding.

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