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€1M Eurostars grant awarded to multivessel coronary artery bypass graft surgeries

FFUND is proud to have assisted AMT Medical, Peter Lazic GmbH and Deutsches Herzzentrum Charite (DHZC) in getting awarded €1m for their innovative approach to multivessel coronary artery bypass graft surgeries.

AMT Medical, a Dutch medical device company, collaborates with German partners Peter Lazic GmbH and DHZC to advance a unique heart bypass system tailored for patients in need of multivessel bypasses. CEO Rutger Tulleken leads the effort to bring minimally invasive treatment closer to these individuals.

What is the product about?

The consortium will pioneer MULTIPASS, a groundbreaking surgical kit designed to enable safe, straightforward, and cost-efficient multivessel coronary artery bypass graft surgeries through minimally invasive techniques. It is aimed at enhancing surgical outcomes and reducing patient risks by providing a sutureless method for bypass graft connection. Leveraging the expertise of AMT’s ELANA technology, Lazic’s specialized instrument production skills and the surgical proficiency at DHZC, the consortium synergizes knowledge to develop MULTIPASS. With the support of the Eurostars grant, the consortium will validate the safety and efficacy of MULTIPASS through preclinical proof-of-concept studies.

How did FFUND help?

Rutger Tulleken, CEO AMT Medical
Rutger Tulleken, CEO AMT Medical

Rutger Tulleken, CEO AMT Medical: “Drawing on our track record of successful grant applications in partnership with FFUND, they were once again very helpful in drafting the proposal, leveraging our collaborative experience and their expertise to ensure effectiveness and coherence.”

Pooling resources and expertise

Katja Jansen, senior consultant FFUND: “The consortium’s collaborative effort harnesses the unique strengths of each partner to innovate a transformative solution in cardiovascular surgery. By pooling resources and expertise, they maximize efficiency, minimize risks, and foster innovation, in line with Eurostars’ mission to support pioneering projects that leverage collective knowledge to drive impactful scientific advancements.”

About Eurostars

Eurostars, a program initiated by Eureka, is a funding platform aimed at supporting innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in collaborative research and development projects across Europe.

FFUND helped AMT Medical also with funding an EIC grant and innovation credit.

Read more in the article about the highlights & lessons learned of AMT Medical.

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