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Why we dedicated ourselves to the EIC’s Code of Conduct principles

At FFUND, our commitment to excellence in securing non-dilutive funding for innovative projects is deeply aligned with the European Innovation Council’s Code of Conduct (CoC). This CoC, a beacon of integrity in the consultancy sector, resonates with values that we hold in high regard: know-how, ethics, transparency, confidentiality, and quality.

Why the CoC?

The EIC’s CoC is not just a set of rules; it’s a reflection of our business values and principles. We believe that adhering to these principles is vital for nurturing a trust-based relationship with our clients. This commitment has been part of FFUND’s identity since before the CoC’s formal introduction.

Code of Conduct European Innovation Council

Why it matters to FFUND and our clients

Our dedication to the CoC principles is twofold: it guides our internal operations and assures our clients of our commitment to the highest standards. This adherence is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Transparency and trust: In the complex landscape of non-dilutive financing, transparency isn’t just a policy; it’s a foundation for building long-lasting client relationships. We solely provide consultancy services without engaging in investments for financial gain on our part. This means that our recommendations and guidance are focused on providing the best advice to our clients, without any ulterior motives or conflicts of interest.
  2. Ethical guidance: We believe in ethical consultancy. Our team is rigorously trained to avoid conflicts of interest, ensuring unbiased advice tailored to each client’s unique needs. Keeping our clients informed about the latest guidelines (e.g changes in eligibility for funding), available support from funding bodies, and advising them to communicate directly with these entities is a key aspect of our consultancy service and success. Before taking on a project, we inform our clients upfront about our availability and any time constraints.
  3. Confidentiality: Confidentiality is paramount in handling sensitive project information. Our stringent data protection policies safeguard our clients’ proprietary information. These protocols include measures such as assigning different teams to handle each project, implementing firewalls to prevent information leakage, and ensuring strict adherence to confidentiality agreements. Our team members undergo regular training on confidentiality protocols and best practices.
  4. Quality and expertise: With a track record of securing over €500M in funding and a high success rate in EIC Accelerator applications, our expertise is evident. In addition, we are upfront and transparent about the expertise of our team, including the outcomes and previous successes. This allows potential clients to make informed decisions about partnering with us and ensures that their expectations are aligned with what our consultants can deliver.

Why clients should choose compliant firms

Choosing a firm that adheres to the CoC is not just about ensuring compliance; it’s about partnering with a consultant who values integrity and quality as much as success. This choice can significantly impact the trajectory of a project, from conception to realization.

A visionary approach: leading with integrity, our identity

FFUND’s approach has always been forward-thinking. Early on, we recognized the importance of these standards, embedding them into our daily activities even before the CoC’s establishment. This visionary approach is not just about adhering to standards, but about setting new ones as well.

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