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M&A – Dealmaking

Merger & Acquisition marks the success

A lucrative Merger & Acquisition transaction marks the success of all the efforts made over the years. Leveraging our wealth of experience in managing life science M&A deals, we can identify commonly occurring hurdles in an early stage and ensure that deals are closed as efficient as possible. We take ownership for the whole deal making process, including project management, independent valuation and design, and delivery of all documentation and introductions on time and within budget.

Effective Merger & Acquisition with FFUND

We optimise the process towards closing a strong deal

A tailored approach to maximise your deal value

M&A Dealmaking with FFUND

Identifying right set of buyers

We deliver your complete a buyer landscape analysis to understand the market dynamics and identify high-potential buyers based on in-depth data driven approach.


  • List of high-potential buyers and opening the doors with you
  • All marketing materials, Teaser deck
  • Facilitating first meeting with management
M&A Dealmaking meeting

Valuation & negotiation support

We perform your company valuation based on DCF analysis, comparables, and precedent analysis. And provide expert support during the deal-making process.


  • Identification of the realistic discount rate based on the company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Comparables analysis to further elucidate the true present value of your company
  • Negotiation support to maximise deal value

Creating and filling the data room

We take the lead in creating a data room and support you with filling the room with high-quality documents.


  • An optimised business plan, financials, and technological development plan
  • Maximise the chances of reaching term sheet phase and close the final terms with selected investor

What our clients say

"FFUND connected us to international partners that proved very valuable in developing our microbiota-based product to prevent type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. To this day, their development plant and the awarded Eurostars funding drives our innovation project."
Luc Sterkman, MD
CEO, Caelus Health
"At Longfonds we aim to accelerate the development of solutions for patients with lung diseases. Our collaboration with the biotech experts of FFUND and their proactive IP management enables us to effectively reach our goals."
Michael Rutgers
Director, Longfonds