“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Author, Le Petit Prince

Our approach

We combine forces of Life Sciences business experts and innovation specialists

At FFUND, we combine forces of experienced Life Sciences business experts and innovation specialists to provide high-end consultancy services and secure strategic financing that boost the innovative performance of deep-tech and biotech companies. We tackle the investment challenge at hand and address the next steps that separate our clients to become scale-ups and unicorns. This allows our clients to gain full control and successfully grow from start-up ((pre-)seed and series A financing) to scale-up (series B-C financing) and exit.

Life Sciences experts

Our consultants have subject-matter expertise (Postdoc, PhD, MD, MSc) in Life Sciences fields.

Tailored advice

Our consultancy services span the entire Life Sciences value chain, and are always tailored to your specific needs.

Experienced business managers

We have experienced the challenges of managing Life Sciences companies through all different stages, from start-up to controlled growth and successful exit.

Active support

We aim to be a true partner for advice, taking an active, hands-on approach to service provision.

Innovation specialists

For our consultancy, we draw on our continuous academic work on Life Sciences innovation, providing you with evidence-based advice.

International network

We operate at the heart of a vast network of Life Sciences organizations, allowing us to connect and create synergistic partnerships.

Being candid about the risks and opportunities

Being candid about the risks and opportunities that lie ahead of you, we operate from our first-hand experience and expertise to help you and your innovations to become successful. Together we will maximize your chances of success by tailoring our support to your specific needs. This enables you to effectively manage your innovation throughout the complete value chain from the early start, through controlled growth, until a successful exit.